Internetworking.dev is an independent personal blog of Gabor Kis-Hegedus focusing on advanced, unusual or under-documented features of different systems related to Network technologies and Infrastructure. Another key focuse is using the Python language in this technology domain for templating and automating different solutions.


I have graduated as Electrical Engineer in 2009 with an MSc degree.

Early in my professional career I have developed broad IT Infrastructure and Networking related knowledge. I have used mostly the Cisco Systems certificate path (CCNA, CCNP) to develop my skills, and eventually begun to pursue my CCIE (RS Track). For me achieving the CCIE(#43897) certificate was a personal challenge, and the Cisco CLI was just a language to navigate into the more complex topics of the Enterprise Networking technology domain.

I have spent many years in operating and troubleshooting networks (and infrastructure elements like load-balancers, firewalls, etc.) with high SLA requirements, however eventually moved into the design/architect space to better use my experience.

While my goal is to create business-driven optimal technical solutions, it is challenging, as many times the requirements are not easy to get or on the technology side the navigation between Complexity, Robustness and Effectiveness of a solution is hard to set.

But I do my best, by continuously improving my skills and knowledge, whether it is about a new design, configuration practice, technology, protocol or solution. In terms of effectiveness, automation is definitely a killer, so I use all the possibilities to cook something in Python - and this is in lot of the cases converts a boring task into a mentally challenging one :-)

Blogging occasionally at internetworking.dev